Treat Yourself in South Burlington, VT

Residents of South Burlington, it's time to treat yourself. That means showing yourself a good time and giving yourself a reward for all of the hard work that you do. Goss CDR thinks you deserve some recognition, and the best type of recognition is when it comes from you.

Taking a day to treat yourself can include whatever you want since it's your day. The most important part is that you have a stress-free day doing what you love. And if you need some inspiration for a perfect treat yourself day in South Burlington, VT, read on.

Treat Yourself to Brunch

Do want to indulge in a stack of pancakes? Do you want to sip on some mimosas while being served? Go ahead and treat yourself at the Magnolia Bistro in Burlington, VT, where you'll find a full brunch menu complete with a summer drink specials list. It's the perfect way to start off your you day.

The Magnolia Bistro is located at 1 Lawson Lane, Burlington, VT 05401.

Treat Yourself to a New Wardrobe

You deserve a new, fresh wardrobe-and we're not talking about sales-rack deals from last summer. Treat yourself to some eclectic high fashion at Francesca's Boutique, where you can find artfully crafted dresses, jewelry, skirts, accessories, footwear, and much more that will let you stand out on the town. Go ahead and splurge!

You can find Francesca's at Burlington Town Center, 49 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401.

Need a Spa Day? Treat Yourself!

What better way to relax than spending a day at the spa? And at the Absolute Wellness Healing Spa, you can benefit from a number of peaceful spa services. Put your mind at ease with a massage, facial, or one of the many packages that will create relaxation through aromatherapy.

The Absolute Wellness Healing Spa is located at 4050 Williston Road, South Burlington, VT 05403.

End Your Day with an Extravagant Dinner

Divulge in the fine dining menu provided by the Windjammer. You'll find a delicious menu of fresh steak and seafood in a family setting. Take a date, order whatever you think looks best on the menu, have a cocktail, and treat yourself!

Once you're finished, take a look at the expansive dessert menu offered by the Windjammer. It'll be the perfect way to end your day of splendor.

You can book a reservation at Windjammer at 1076 Williston Road, South Burlington, VT 05403.

Show yourself that you deserve the finer things in life every once in awhile and treat yourself to a wide variety of amenities that will help you feel relaxed, content and confident in yourself. You earned a treat yourself day, so get out there and make the most of it. 

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